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DS3 | DS3 Line | DS3 Providers | DS3 Internet

How Would You Benefit from a DS3?

With business and communications, speed is often a major factor for better outcome. Thus, having a DS3 connection would always be beneficial. However, what exactly is a ds-3?

DS3 refers to a type of network connection that provides faster and more powerful connection in your network. It comes with a data rate of up to about 45 Mbits per second. Thus, it is capable of transferring real time, full motion video at very high speed, as well as vast amounts of data within a busy network.

A DS3 is synonymous to a T3 line, and it is much faster than either T1 or T2. This type of connection is perfect for businesses that transmit large amounts of data within and outside the network. This includes call centers, and organizations that center around file or media sharing. DS-3’s can also be set with some channels turned off. This is called fractional DS3, and this can be set when more bandwidth than a T1 or T2 line is required, but not the full capacity of a digital signal 3. This will help you save on monthly costs and would be able to optimize and customize your network architecture. Of course, you can reopen or close additional channels according to your specific needs.

A digital signal 3 is the perfect way for organizations and individuals to be connected to a network, and the Internet at optimal speeds. Users would be able to enjoy faster upload and download speeds, and transferring data would be a process much quicker. In addition, costs for these types of connections have been decreasing over the years, making a ds3 setup very practical and conventional for any purpose.

There are varieties of network service providers that are able to supply reliable DS3 connections. Research on their offered prices and get the best one available. Soon, you and your company would be able to enjoy almost instant connection and transfer speeds, far superior to previous access lines. With access to a dedicated digital signal 3 line, your pathway to communication will be much easier, faster, or more economical.

DS3 Line Carrier Solutions Providing Voice and DS-3 Internet Services Nationwide

The Following Types Of DS3 Service Are Offered:

  • Voice DS3 Lines
  • Data DS3 Lines
  • Fractional DS3 Lines
  • Point to Point DS3 Lines
  • International DS3 Lines

Digital Signal 3/DS3 Line Facts:

  • 45 Mbps Upload/45 Mbps Download = Full DS3 Line
  • DS3/DS-3 is also known as T3/T-3

DS3 References:

DS3 Related Topics:

Applications For DS3 Bandwidth

Given the bandwidth intensive applications currently present today in most companies .... DS3 bandwidth is a logical choice for an upgrade or new install of a voice/data network for your company. DS3 bandwidth delivers the speed, reliability, scalability, and performance companies need to do business ...

What Is DS3 Bandwidth?

DS3 bandwidth (sometimes also referred to as T3) is a dedicated, high bandwidth circuit with a speed of 45 Mbps. This is equivalent to 28 T1 lines (or 672 regular phone lines). A DS3 circuit provides businesses that have a high amount of data traffic, the bandwidth they need - plugging straight into the carrier's backbone.

A Simple Explanation Of A DS3 Line (aka DS3 Bandwidth)

To the point .... a DS3 line is an ultra high-speed connection capable of transmitting data at rates up to 45 Mbps. A DS3 line is equal to approximately 672 regular voice-grade telephone lines, which is fast enough to transmit full-motion, real-time video, and very large databases over a busy network.

DS3 Bandwidth Explanation In Simple Terms

DS3 or T3 has nothing to do with the service you plan to put over it.

The Different Things You Should Know About Ds3 Bandwidth

A dedicated LEC network constructed of fiber or more traditionally copper, delivers Ds3. Twenty-eight T1's work the same as one Ds3 working at full capacity. T1s have been known by businesses to be more reliable than Satellite, Cable, and DSL. Telecom originally produced the T1 product.



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